Looks like y'all had an eventful week with some heartfelt top-fives and family crises and cute Easter pics and great Passover memories shared! I hate I wasn't able to take part as much as usual. I've been kinda out of it, as you'll see.
    Surgery day! My awesome doctor went in, moved my stomach back where it should be then closed my diaphragm with a bunch of stitches. No mesh, all sutures. 😕 Then he did a gastric bypass while he was in there. I was late getting back to my room (8pm-ish?) so that day was shot.
    First full day in the hospital. I'm on liquids (still am), so the day is filled with sipping, walking, trying to get comfortable and trying to breathe with a stitched-up diaphragm. Oh and constant interruptions from the nurse, from a machine beeping, from the dr coming into grab my midsection to check his work.
    Another day in the hospital, but I'm released around noon. FREEDOM! So I go home and continue the struggle to rest, sip, walk, get comfortable. Funny story - Max ran in to greet me then FROZE when he saw my get-well-soon balloon. He stood like this for like 5 minutes. 😂
    Try to get comfy, try to breathe, keep sipping, keep walking. Not too much excitement this day, or else I just don't remember much because of my new BFF Vicodin. Oh and they sent me home with a drain so that just adds a whole new level of gore to the whole thing. Nothing like carrying around a pocketful of your own blood & guts.
    Drain's out! I can drive! One more week of liquids than I can eat real food again. The rest of the day is spent like usual. Walk, sip, breathe.
    I run a couple of errands that wipe me out. I have a couple of visitors. I walk. I sip. I try to breathe! Oh and one of my stops was Goodwill where I found this horror:
    Easter! I stayed out of church, saving my energy for the family gathering. We had a non-traditional Easter dinner. They grilled out and had a birthday cake for my niece. I ate popsicles. 😢
  8. It was definitely worth the exhaustion that followed. I stayed up & had fun for a change. This little monkey was such a boost of joy!
    He may be 4 but he will kick your ASS in Uno. Don't let the cuteness fool you!
  9. So from here, I'm gonna keep moving, keep breathing, keep the liquids flowing and try my best to keep getting stronger.