Sometimes I get nostalgic for younger days. Thought I'd share some memories. Add your own if you're old enough to have any!
  1. The joy of being surprised by new music from your favorite artist on the radio
    I love me some internet and Spotify and such, but it was magic hearing something brilliant and thinking "Is that? No, can't IS!" Then running to the record store to get their new album.
  2. No media overload
    There was no 24-hr, sound bite-driven constant drone. You read the paper, watched the news at 6 and 11, maybe read a few magazines, and somehow still stayed informed.
  3. Basic things involved physical activity.
    Rolling up car windows, leaning across to unlock the other door, getting out and walking up to the atm, having to get up to put on a videotape (or even change the channel way back when).
  4. Stars weren't total divas
    Once or twice a year there'd be amazing celebrity all-star shows. "Battle of the Network Stars" was celebrities competing in track & field events, while "Circus of the Stars" was famous people learning tricks and putting on a circus. Tightropes, trapeze, all kinds of stuff. Can you imagine today's divas doing that?!