Hi gang! It's been a month since my hernia repair & gastric bypass. Thought I'd give an update.
  1. First, the pounds lost so far:
    (Yes, I posted my weight online - no shame in my game!) OK, some of the loss is from the pre-op liquid phase, but it's part of the process so it totally counts!
  2. The inches lost:
    FIVE off my waist alone, which is a happy surprise. The rest of me is like 1.5 to 2 inches smaller. I'll take it! I gave away a ton of fat clothes and am about to shrink out of what I have left. Now the fun starts, looking for smaller clothes to transition into. Probably gonna stick with Goodwill & thrift to save money!
  3. My BMI is coming down nicely, too.
    I started in the mid 40s. I think the BMI is BS overall, but it's still a nice numeric validation.
  4. DIET
    I'm still in the soft foods phase. More variety than liquid, but I'm ready to move along. Hopefully next week. In the meantime I get to eat cottage cheese, yogurt, tuna, over cooked veggies, and cheese. I'm sticking to a low-carb plan for now. It's easier than I thought. There are still days I'd kill for a Reese's Cup or Doritos. Not gonna lie!
    It was tough, I won't lie. Especially from the hernia. Having my diaphragm stitched shut, and my ribs irritated with and my lungs trying to expand fully again. I will never take breathing for granted again! The bypass part has been easy, and my laparoscopic incisions/sutures are almost healed.
    This is my next step. I wanted to wait til my breathing was better before working up a sweat. I have been trying to be more active overall. Now I need todo it intentionally and regularly.
    Thanks so much for the encouragement and support and sweet messages checking on me. Y'all mean the world to me! 💗💕💗