It's that time of year again...annual check-up day!!
  1. Is there anything more humiliating than sitting butt-naked under a paper sheet?
    I'm trapped and utterly at their mercy.
  2. Men have it so much easier when it comes to peeing in a cup.
    I can only start peeing and just kinda try and catch some. If I can even pee. Shy bladder is real, y'all!
  3. I kept my socks on.
    They can just deal with it. My feet get cold too easily!
  4. Today I learned mammogram machines come in sizes.
    And that my boobs are too big for the regular one. Should I be flattered by that?
  5. Wonder what supplies I could swipe without being noticed?
    Those giant Pap smear q-tips might come in handy for cleaning something at home!