Perfect day for this self-assessment. Thanks for the request @Jaycer17 !!!
  1. Name
    Jamie Michelle Hope
  2. Goes by
    Jamie, Aunt JJ, Aunt Jamie, Miss Jamie (kids at church)
  3. DOB/height/weight
    TODAY! (11-21-1971)/5'7"/270ish
  4. Loves
    Being an aunt, reading, learning, baking, laughing, travel, my cats, coffee, chocolate, Italian food, 80s alternative & technopop, Apple technology
  5. Hates
    Closed-mindedness, super-hot food, gratuitous vulgarity/nudity, licorice & anise flavors, spiders, close spaces, clowns, dancing (only because I can't)
  6. Will admit
    I eat like a toddler sometimes, I have conversations with my cats, I sing with the car radio, I can't stand cleaning my bathroom
  7. Is curious about
    Dating apps (though I'm scared to try), knitting/crocheting, sewing, playing the piano again
  8. In the near future will
    Go to the beach, get new glasses, get taken out for my birthday by my parents, will babysit my sweetie-pie nephew, will decorate for Christmas
  9. Really wants to
    Travel more (esp. Europe/UK), learn Spanish, find love