Requested by @gd3
Gonna take this literally and share a memory about a "trip" that was technically more like a slip.
  1. See this pic?
    This is where it happened.
  2. It's hard to tell from the pic, but there's a step down from the yard to the driveway.
    Right where the monkey grass ends.
  3. On this particular day we were dealing with some rare winter weather in the south.
  4. And if you notice, my yard didn't get as much sunlight as my neighbor's across the street. So we kinda had two climates going on.
  5. As I was leaving for work that day, I made my way down the icy porch, down the snowy walkway and down that treacherous step.
  6. My feet just BAM! went out from under me and I went down, flat on my back, hitting my head on that step.
    My feet slid halfway under my car. I'm amazed I didn't keep sliding into the street.
  7. I was glad it was early enough that no one saw it happen.
    So embarrassing!
  8. Then I hear a raspy, Patty-and-Selma, two-packs-a-day voice call out, "Are you all right, sugar?"
  9. My neighbor's mom, Miss Bunny, saw the whole thing.
  10. I laugh about it now, imagining what she saw. First I was walking, then I just disappeared from view.
    Musta been pretty funny! I was ok, by the way. Had a headache that day but nothing serious.
  11. Thanks for the list request, @gd3 !