What I'd Offer in The Jhope71 Monthly Subscription Box

🎼These are a few of my favorite things...
  1. Funky office supplies
    Cute pens, colorful sticky notes, silly magnets. Anything to make work a little more fun.
  2. Lip balms
    Any kind, any flavor, any color. I love trying new ones!
  3. Hand lotion
    Scented, unscented, whatever. Little sample tubes that fit in your pocket or backpack or purse.
  4. Foreign snacks
    I freaking LOVE trying snacks we don't have in the US. Especially candy or cookies or chips/crisps.
  5. Protein bars
    I survive on these things. As a quick breakfast, a tide-me-over snack, or a slightly-healthy midnight snack.
  6. Trashy magazines
    Something gossipy, with fashion spreads and celebrities and sex tips and stuff.