If any of you are only children, or have just sisters, here's what you're missing:
  1. I'm at work.
  2. My folks went out of town.
  3. My brother came by to let the dogs out because I won't be home for at least 2 more hours.
  4. One of the dogs got diarrhea.
    It was the Doberman. When they poop, it's a LOT. She's 100 lbs, after all.
  5. He could have just let me know.
    As in "hey, she got sick, keep an eye on her."
  6. Instead, he TEXTED ME A PICTURE OF IT.
    I could share, but I'll spare y'all. You should thank me.
  7. With the words "I'm about to hurl, serious."
  8. 🙄 I love my baby brother, even if he is a 36yo man-child sometimes!