Inspired by @BWN_7 and many others
  1. Relationship
    I'd like to be in one, maybe even married. But that's been something missing in my adult life so far. Hopefully by then I'll have worked through some of the things in the way of that.
  2. Family
    I hope I'm still as close as I am now (or closer) to my brothers and their families. My niece will be 26 by then and my nephews will be 29 and 14. Can't wait to see what they grow up into. I hope my parents will still be around and in good health then. They'll be 81, if so.
  3. Career
    I'll still be 10 years out from retirement then. Hopefully I'll be working somewhere more generous, supportive and creative, or be my own boss.
  4. Geographically
    I dream of living on the beach. Or at least AT the beach.
  5. Health/Appearance
    I hope I stay as healthy as I have been the last 5 years or so. My 20s and 30s were miserable until I found the right meds for my PCOS and depression. I'm still fat and likely will always be, but I have so much more energy and hope now, and hope that continues.
  6. Public Service
    I volunteer at church all the time now. It's great but I'd like to volunteer in the community, too. Especially if it's somewhere awesome, like teaching English in Costa Rica. Maybe by then I'll be able do more of that.
  7. Financial
    I'm paying debt off now. I'd like to be debt-free (except for a mortgage) by then. I've already got a 401K going. Maybe by then I'll be a little more comfortable and can have a little fun, which brings us to...
  8. Vacation
    Yes, please. I really, really REALLY want to see more of the world. I want to see Europe, especially. I want to see where I came from, as well as other important places over there.