Inspired by @ListPrompts
  1. York, SC
    Birth to 2. I don't remember much but 97% of my extended family is still there, so I guess technically it's my hometown. (It has a lot of historic houses and the one in the pic is one of my favorites.)
  2. Jackson, MS
    2 to 4. My dad went to seminary here. I learned the Greek alphabet same time I learned my ABCs. Not too many memories here, either.
  3. Andrews, SC
    4 to 8. I got to go back recently to visit and help with flood cleanup. It was freaky (in a good way) seeing my childhood home and church again.
  4. Winnsboro, SC
    8 to 17. This is technically where I grew up, though I have no real ties to the place besides memories. It's a tiny town with a tiny mind. I left a few days before my senior year started. (The pic is of the oldest town clock in the US, their claim to fame.)
  5. Aiken, SC
    17 to now. This is home now. I love it, and listed about it here: MY PARENTS WERE MARRIED IN AIKEN WILL YOU SEND ME A PHOTO LIST OF FUN STUFF The pic is of my favorite street, South Boundary Ave.
  6. South Boundary in the snow last week!