This is not a flounce list, don't worry. I ain't going anywhere! I mean that literally (Lord willing) there will be less of me to see in the future.
  1. Remember these lists?
  2. Ok, so I've been struggling with some health issues lately and with my weight for years.
  3. I mentioned that I'd be having hernia repair surgery and a gastric bypass at some point. It's NEXT MONTH.
  4. As in less than three weeks. April 10, to be exact.
  5. I've been cramming 6-8 months of preparation into just weeks.
    Classes to learn what the surgery entails, classes to learn how to eat, a psych consult, medical tests, lots of online research.
  6. I'm scared, I'm excited, I'm worried, I'm ready to change.
    8 billion emotions at once.
  7. I'm hoping to lose weight & keep it off but my main goal is health.
    I want to take pressure off my knees, not get diabetes, breathe better, live longer and mainly just DO FUN STUFF WITHOUT HURTING.
  8. So if anyone else has done this, I'd love to hear from you!
    I know a couple of you have had lap bands. I'm having a gastric bypass (RnY). I've joined ObesityHelp and BariatricPal. (Same username)
  9. Thoughts and prayers and vibes appreciated in the coming weeks. Love y'all! 💗