drinks, hospitality, ambiance and overall kickassness
  1. The Walker Inn (LA)
    Omakase fun.
  2. ABV (SF)
    Best day drinking in the bay.
  3. Tosca Cafe (SF)
    Best night drinking in the bay. After dinner drinks game on lock.
  4. Liberty (Seattle)
    Friendliest bar staff.
  5. Canon (Seattle)
    That liquor shelf..
  6. Clyde Common (Portland)
    Favorite bartender ever.. Fanboy status.
  7. Expatriate (Portland)
    Best food+drink convo in the PNDubbs.
  8. Mezcaleria Tobala (Austin)
    I feel like I'm in Mexico, minus the danger.
  9. The Office (Chicago)
    Had so much fun, don't remember what happened after we got out.
  10. Death & Co (NYC)
  11. NoMad Bar (NYC)
    Grown + Sexy.
  12. Mayahuel (NYC)
    Agave for days.
  13. Kimball House (Atlanta)
    Southern hospitality at its best.
  14. 1886 (LA)
    Into the woods..