This is not opinion. It is fact.
  1. Benny's-The Undisputed Champ
    If I had to eat every meal for the rest of my life from one place it would be here
  2. Northside Grill (distant second)
    I hear I would like this more if I drank coffee
  3. Sava's
    You can ignore the pretentiousness and make it cost effective by drinking 6 of the bottomless Bloody Mary's
  4. Zingerman's
    Because this is an online post about food in Ann Arbor
  5. Amer's
    Great lox and breakfast sandwiches for those who can't afford Zingerman's but still like getting ripped off
  6. Nick's Original House of Pancakes
    Only been once and it was fine but if people are willing to wait 2 hours to eat there on weekends I figure something good must be happening there
  7. Denny's on Washtenaw
    The non-drive-thru breakfast of choice for Ann Arbor drunk drivers at 4:30am