A list I made after I dropped major hints at a boy TWICE and was rejected both times.
  1. I'm funny
    Basically, you should take everything I say as a joke.
  2. I'm friendly
    There's not a person I won't try talking to!
  3. B/c I'll one day meet someone who loves me as much as I love myself.
  4. I'm intelligent
    I always JUST barely pass all my tests. Now that's impressive. Minimal effort with minimal results, YAS!
  5. I'm not your typical basic bitch
    Talk to the hand, basic bitches.
  6. I'm chill
    Did i sulk about this boy who didn't want me? Hell naw!!
  7. I'm energetic
  8. I believe that the world is my oyster
    Every experience is what I make of it. And this one isn't so bad I guess!