1. "Ugh ok another one"
  2. "All the Pokemon games look like the same thing."
  3. "Why do they keep bringing out new ones?!"
  4. "Omg there was like 3 posts of this game on my Facebook newsfeed today"
  5. Asks friend who is obsessed with Pokemon
    "Yo, what even is Pokemon Go?"
  6. Realizes what a brilliant idea it is
  7. Sees big groups of random people walking around with their heads in their phones in random parks
    "Omg this thing is actually really popular"
  8. Be tempted to download the game but remembers how boring the other Pokemon games were
  9. Your friend's brother doesn't stop talking about how much he wants go out to catch Pokemons
  10. Find that your most used social media app is all about Pokemon Go
  11. Switch to other social media apps only to realize that they, too, are ALL about this game
  12. Hear about people getting in accidents because of this game and wonder what is wrong with people.
  13. Hear about people saving lives by playing this game and just give a skeptical squint
  14. Refer to it as 'that stupid game,' because the world won't shut up about it.
  15. Hope that the world regains its cool from this stupid game.