Trying to explain Passover observance doesn't always go over well, but if you don't explain too much, sometimes things are priceless.
  1. Non-Jews love matza and wish it was sold in bulk year-round
    Safeway bagger sees my 5 lbs of matza and tells me that she needs to remember get some since it's on sale and they only sell it once a year!
  2. People begging for money get quite excited when you give them a whole challah
    Getting rid of my chametz. This guy made sure to ask me if I'd tried the cinnamon twist challah.
  3. UCSF police are cutting back on carbs
    Really? That's why you refused my candy bars?
  4. "Your sect of Judaism sounds really high maintenance"
    She's not wrong. I wouldn't say that I have a particular sect, but other than that, this is a super high maintenance holiday.
  5. Interactions with my myself - do I need to buy new everything? Boil everything? Throw a brick in the pot that's boiling? Scrub it all? Cover my whole place in foil? What about appliances that have only ever touched water? Water and coffee??