1. Dancing at the start line + national anthem
    Of course, the guy who sang the star spangled banner jumped in right after and ran the race
  2. First friend signing - somewhere around mile 8
  3. Seeing my mom hand out water at mile 10
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  4. The fans and their signs were really what kept me feeling amazing.
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    Putting my name on my shirt meant that random strangers would yell my name and say encouraging things and I would tell back and say thank you
  5. Lots of Trump signs
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  6. More Trump
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  7. I never thought about RUN and RUM are so similar...but there were several iterations of this
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  8. The kids were amazing - so many had their hands out ready to give high fives
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  9. A sign just for me
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    This is a friend, who held the sign both of 1st Ave and 5th Ave. there were a handful of other "go Jill" signs held by strangers for other strangers who share my name. I pretended that they were for me ;)
  10. Last Damn Bridge
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    This was everyone's favorite according to he Facebook posts since the run. There are 5 bridges and they are quiet and "hilly" (not SF hills)
  11. Even more Trump...
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  12. Just plain encouragement
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  13. And enthusiasm for the random stranger
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  14. Lots of love for someone's mom. Occasionally a wife or sister but it was mostly about a mom
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  15. Being a fan is hard work too
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  16. To be fair, running 26.2 miles is actually pretty crazy
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  17. I loved being welcomed to each borough
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  18. There were lots of giant heads. They were kind of creepy. There were also lots of cat heads. I didn't really get the cats.
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  19. And lots of promises of drinks once we were finished...
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  20. Or threats that it might be gone if we don't hurry up!
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