I will run this thing. May not be fast, may feel crazy afterwards, but I will run through those 5 boroughs and cross that Central Park finish line. Only halfway thru training though?!?
  1. Not hidden - registration fee - over $250?!?
  2. Not surprising - new running shoes
  3. Hat
  4. Sunscreen
  5. Gu
    Apparently you can make this yourself with honey, molasses, and chia seeds. I will probably not do that.
  6. FlipBelt to carry plenty of gu + phone + money + keys
  7. Foam roller
    Which color? What size? With spikes or without? Hollow or solid?
  8. More running capris, shorts, shirts, sportsbras - exercising more often requires more clothing
    And yet still demands doing laundry more frequently. Also finding different clothes to be more comfortable on longer runs in particular - compression shorts?
  9. Possibly co-pays to see physical therapist or podiatrist or MD/NP
  10. Food
    I always ate a lot. I may eat more now.
  11. Tennis balls or lacrosse balls or frozen water bottles
    Because sometimes you hurt your heel
  12. TIME