I'm training to run the NYC Marathon, which in my case also involves raising at least $3000 for AJWS (American Jewish World Service - giving grants in 19 developing countries to achieve human rights and lessen poverty)
  1. My friends, family, and colleagues have been ridiculously generous
    If you want to help, you can donate here - http://bit.ly/1JySxAQ
  2. It turns out that I know lots of people who have run a marathon (Not me yet, but @donnie definitely has)
  3. Once you put on your running shoes, you enjoy it
  4. The running will be harder than the fundraising
  5. People tell you you're crazy for committing to a marathon.
    That didn't really happen with half marathons .
  6. Some people (other runners mostly) are really encouraging
  7. My mother wrote a donation check but then kept replying to the email chain about it reminding me to stay safe
    Clearly my parents are worried about this running adventure. My dad would not donate because he doesn't like the idea of his kid running this far.
  8. Running for 4-5 days a week is for reals
  9. There are lots of philosophies about nutrition and hydration
    Gu, gel, water, Gatorade/Powerade, jelly beans, gel cubes. Some are kosher, some aren't. I don't understand the ingredients in any of them but, well, water.
  10. I apparently always remember to put on sunscreen AFTER the run
    Oops? But I live in SF...
  11. Apparently you need multiple pairs of running shoes?
  12. Checking off a day's run on my training schedule feels kinda awesome
  13. (This is only my first week out of 18...)