Training for first marathon...
  1. Compression shorts
    Like bike shorts but somehow different. Remarkably great for longer runs.
  2. Hat
    My mom is now proud of me. I hate hats but trying to stay safe from those dangerous UV rays
  3. Sunscreen
    Feels odd in SF but we are getting more sun that normal and I am spending more time outside than normal....
  4. Gu
    People have asked me what it's made from and all I can say is that it's completely unnatural...
  5. Mapmyrun - need to find routes that are___ miles to meet my training plan
  6. The obvious things that aren't new: shorts/capris/running pants, shirt, sports bra, running shoes, socks, etc
  7. What am I forgetting? Or what do I need to add?
  8. I do not yet own a running belt. Really necessary?
  9. Also not quite sold on the world of Powerade/Gatorade but they were on sale for 49 cents each a few weeks ago so now I have one at home and a bunch in a drawer at work
  10. Water bottle for non-running times.
    Staying hydrated is key to avoiding muscle injury (I know. I was dehydrated and now I'm not running the nycm). But drinking a few liters of water throughout the day will make your runs much better and you won't need as much water or gu or sport drink during the actual run.
    Suggested by @donnie