Here's what happens when you volunteer to take a later flight
  1. You should not volunteer right away
    The amount of money or vouchers that they offer increases! Thank you new flight attendant friend for the tip.
  2. You have to wait until the flight you were supposed to be on actually takes off
    In case there are no shows and it isn't actually oversold
  3. Ask for dinner vouchers!
    They don't give them to you automatically but if you ask...
  4. Free hotel!
  5. Night in random city
    Caught up with an old friend who I hadn't seen in person in 5 years!
  6. Ridiculously early flight the next morning
    If you're me, unfortunately, this means you don't really sleep because you're afraid that you will not wake up. Even with two wake up calls set and two alarms.
  7. You basically feel like you live at the airport
  8. $300 richer
  9. It appears that I will not be particularly late to work. Thank you time zones.
  10. Always good to pack extra stuff!
  11. Minneapolis St Paul had a ridiculously long security like before 6am but it is shockingly efficient. However, getting from one terminal to another takes a thousand years. Had that not been the case, maybe I wouldn't have missed my connection in the first place! (Initial flight was an hour+ late)
  12. Surprise win - a whole row to myself now that I'm finally heading home! Sleeeeeeeep (hopefully)