1. Coffee at the sample station
    That little cup of coffee always makes my shopping time better
  2. Samples
    Right? And many of them are veggie or even vegan friendly! Tonight: miso ginger soup with tofu
  3. Return anything
    With or without a receipt. This allows you to feel more ready to try impulse buys like (kosher) baconesque cheddar popcorn.
  4. They will teach you about produce
    I learned how to pick good melons
  5. Even their packaging is fun. Trader Jose? Trader Giotto?
  6. Labeling vegan, kosher, gluten-free etc
    They even keep lists online of their items that fall into each category!
  7. The snacks at the check out line
    Not coke or gum but instead...coconut strips and crispy crunchy broccoli florets. Chocolate too.