It definitely had some low point but these helped balance it
  1. Getting free tartine bread
    Apparently a man known as the flower ninja volunteers at tartine by sweeping the floors and then he takes all the leftover bread at the end of the day and deliver to people who could use it (on his flower-clad bike). I asked him what he was doing with all the bread...and he insisted I take some to lighten his load
  2. Having a poem recited to you on the street
    While I was trying to tell him that I didn't need bread as much as others, he broke into spontaneous poem-recitation to demonstrate another part of his identity
  3. MD says you're good to train for marathon
  4. Friend calls you on HER birthday to give you a pep talk
  5. Sitting by the bay
  6. Cat follows you down the street and wants to play
    This may be because I am now carrying a giant loaf of bread
  7. Getting an email asking to do someone's wedding
    (I'm a rabbi)
  8. Other friend sent an adorable pic of her 4-week old in the bear (okay, some animal with ears) hat that sent
    Followed by an even-cuter pic of him holding a "thank you! sign
  9. Shopped for new running shoes