I'm in my early 40s and sometimes think , "that's not old, I'm not that different than I was in my 20s", then reality hits:
  1. Spent the whole day stressing about how I would stay awake for a 8:30 pm movie
  2. Decided to wear comfortable clothes over attractive ones
  3. turned down a glass of wine because I was feeling "acidy"
  4. Bemoaned the prevalence of technology in my life
  5. Refused to learn yet another Word version and asked "young" people to do basic tasks for me
  6. Refused to go to the beach unless there was shade
  7. Enjoyed the backstory of Ant Man more than the action sequences
  8. Walked by a group of 20 somethings laughing and they became quiet out of respect
  9. Met my son's camp counselor, thought he was in high school, turned out he is a college grad