Went to bed at 10. Have to be up by 6. Things I did when I couldn't fall asleep
  1. Watched Dr. Who
  2. Watched Downton Abbey
  3. Read a bunch of lists
  4. Took an Ambien
  5. Texted friends
  6. Thought about what I would make for dinner tomorrow
  7. Remembered that I don't make dinner
  8. Responded to three client emails --the responses kept getting bitchier
  9. Watched Greys anatomy
  10. Played farm hero saga
  11. Wrote really angry emails to opposing counsel
  12. Drank 2 diet gingerales
  13. Bemoaned the fact that Amazon prime does not play on Apple TV
  14. Contemplated one of the best meals I've ever had
  15. Decided who my "real" friends were
  16. Decided that this was a terrible decision to make while exhausted
  17. Continuously calculated how much more time I had left to sleep.