This is when the wake up is accidental not intentional
  1. Knowing that I have wasted one of my few opportunities to actually get well rested
  2. Not that many new lists since I checked last (middle of the night)
  3. No one to call
  4. No one with whom to text
  5. Husband thinks I'm still asleep so no coffee is made
  6. Don't want to turn on the tv and wake folks
  7. Too early for weekend breakfast
    Around 10am homemade biscuits and gravy will arrive in my bedroom--husband spoils me on weekends when I'm not working
  8. The internal fight I have for the next 2 hours trying to force myself back to sleep
  9. The feeling of regret I will carry for the rest of the morning knowing that I wasted two hours trying to force myself back to sleep.
  10. Thinking that I could get up, get dressed, work out, embrace the day--yet knowing that those things will not happen