My stuff
  1. Lactaid
  2. 30 pounds of cat litter
  3. Meghan Trainor fan collages
  4. Harmonizer Group Threads
    Who's going to this Irvine show Friday anyway?
  5. A "like it" at Coldstone
  6. $20 to my name
  7. Spotify playlist named "Swag On Your Pussy Ma"
  8. Uma Purrrman
  9. Twitter app
  10. Unanswered tinder messages
  11. Eyeliner
  12. "Liked by" Debby Ryan
  13. I genuinely want to subscribe to J-14 but I can't justify it
  14. Pride flags
  15. British cousins
  16. An "I want Drake to murder my vagina" tattoo on my back probably
  17. Ready Player One
  18. Miley's nudes
  19. Your man's ashes