1. Who is this DA lady who he wants to fuck in the mouth?
    Does he love law? Does he have a law fetish? This seems disrespectful? Is he in love? How did this relationship come about? I need more.
  2. How does one "kick flavors?"
    Is this a euphemism for shoes? Is this 1999? Are we still saying "flavor?"
  3. Is the Xanny Family like the Brady Bunch but just people who do drugs?
    Is that even an invite that I want?? What does being in a family of people who do prescription pills entail?
  4. If she catch you cheating, why won't you apologize?
    The fact that you think you DON'T need to apologize implies that an apology is definitely absent. You can cheat I guess, but at least apologize, dick.
  5. So in "Low Life" you cheated on someone, and now you're already trying to steal your friend's wife?
    Calm down buddy, you're gonna lose all the people who are close to you! Do you have anyone left? Are you ok??
  6. Your baby mama and side chick are kissing? That seems like a bigger problem.
    I know you think this sounds baller that two women you banged are kissing, but this is much bigger than you, Future. They may have fallen in love. They don't even give a shit about you. They're going to raise your baby together. I need a spinoff album about these two women.