Literally 4 hours after your broken up with and your cold/ hot, sad/ angry, vulnerable/ creative
  1. Who will I watch Game of Thrones with?
    Literally just start bawling
  2. Did I just ruin some of my favorite things by sharing them with him?
    Not a rhetorical question
  3. If I start watching Seinfeld, will it hurt less?
    Because everyone in that show is notoriously single
  4. Will I be scared of my next relationship?
    Absolutely. I'm terrified. I was blindsided by the nicest guy in the world. Will all the nice guys turn on me?
  5. Should I text him?
    No no no yes no. What's the point? Does it help me to express myself? I'm not sure.
  6. Does he know how much I cared?
    .. And if I told him now, would he even care? Or would that hurt him more.
  7. What does it mean if he called me awesome?
    I know I'm awesome, but what's wrong with him? Should I try and reach out to be supportive-or would that rip me in 2?
  8. Maybe if I stop eating / lose my appetite I'll be happy.
  9. I'll miss his dog