1. Yesterday I took the long way home just so my kids could collect more pokéballs.
  2. I stood in the entrance of a parking lot trying to catch a Pokémon, unaware that a car was waiting to turn into the parking lot while I repeatedly stood there swiping my finger across my phone's screen.
  3. My 5yr old fell down twice and ran into something because he was staring at my phone while walking just in case a Pokémon appeared.
  4. We met complete strangers while hiking the other day who were looking for Pokémon. We exchanged tips and Pokémon locations. Later that evening I happened to see them at the grocery store. I had to refrain from chasing them down to find out if they'd caught any in the store and if so where about were they.
  5. I have no idea what the point of the game is.
  6. When I see people walking around looking at their phones I assume they're all trying to catch Pokémon.
  7. When my phone vibrates I get disappointed if it's a text message and not notification that a Pokémon is nearby.
  8. I gotta catch 'em all