The best of Kodiak, AK... so far

  1. Tidepooling
    Sea Star in the tide pools off Spruce Cape
  2. Seals
    Seals in Saltry Cove
  3. Maritime
    Boats in St. Paul Harbor
  4. Outdoor Preschool
    Lex with his man bun at outdoor preschool
  5. Bears!
    Carver getting a little too close
  6. Flying in float planes
    Floatplane we took to see the Bears
  7. Fishing!
    My first king salmon catch
  8. Homemade Sushi
    From our fresh caught salmon
  9. Sea glass
    It's all over the beaches
  10. Buffalo Heard
    Buffalo out at Surfers Beach
  11. Monks Rock
    Cappuccino from Monks Rock
  12. The view from Pillar Mountain
    Near Island Bridge
  13. More bears