1. They always laugh at your jokes
    They inherited your sense of humor. Lucky them!
  2. Someone els is available to let the dog out
    You don't have to get up from your comfy spot to do small tasks. Just tell your kids to do it.
  3. Kids movies
    As long as they sneak in adult humor they're the best movies
  4. They are little miniature personal trainers.
    They don't let you eat junk food (because they take it from you) and they make you run after them, bike with them, spin in circles with them etc
  5. Pop Tarts
    Once they're old enough to use the toaster they can make breakfast
  6. Holidays
    Face it. Kids make every holiday WAY better. No one gets as excited about an overgrown rabbit leaving eggs in your back yard as a 5 yr old does
  7. Weirdness
    They do really weird things all the time and it's awesome
  8. You always have someone to do something with
    Go fishing, get donuts, pull weeds, play uno
  9. Get out of things pass
    There's no easier way to get out of something you don't actually want to do then not being able to find a sitter or having a sick kid on your hands. Thanks kids!
    Suggested by @corksnreads