Wild berries of Kodiak Island

Kodiak, AK>> all berries grow wild on the island👇🏻 A little visual of all things I've foraged this summer
  1. Raspberries
    Eating Raspberries always bring back memories of my grandparents garden in Ahtanum, WA
  2. Blueberries
    Wild blueberries are much more tart
  3. Salmonberries and Blueberries
    The salmonberries die out just as the blueberries are turning ripe
  4. Salmonberries
    Taste like a tart raspberry>> given their name because they look like salmon eggs (not because they taste like fish)😉
  5. Canning prep
    Separate, soak, simmer
  6. Canned for the winter
    Blueberries get canned. Salmonberries and raspberries are made into jams