Sometimes love can be blind. With this blindness you can get the one in love with you to do just about anything. I used my power to take my boyfriend on his first backpacking / camping trip. This is what I learned.
  1. An excess of six hours of sleep is necessary before embarking on adventure that requires elevating from 105' (Santa Monica) to 10,833' (San Jacinto Summit).
  2. Apparently, the Palm Springs Aerial Tram isn't the best option for someone with an aversion to heights and people.
  3. When the rangers are ambiguous about whether water exists near Round Valley, ask your boyfriend to Sherpa an additional gallon "to be on the safe side."
  4. DeFeet cycling gloves are not alpine effective.
  5. Slight disorientation, affected vision and straw-like breathing should require a re-evaluation of whether to continue.
  6. Sometimes food and water do not counteract altitude symptoms.
  7. Ice-covered pine trees only mean it's going to get colder.
  8. When your endurance athlete boyfriend can no longer keep up (or feel his hands and only parts of his arms) it may be time to turn back.
  9. When said boyfriend enters the tent immediately upon return to campsite (and it's 6pm) you may be in for a tough night.
  10. The tough night was just that and included, but not limited to, vomiting, tossing, pounding headache, death requests, more tossing, profanity, shivering, restlessness, grinding teeth, more vomiting and cursing.
  11. Though, despite everything my boyfriend rallied after a ramen fueled breakfast and it was all smiles on the way down.