I'm 53 but once I was 23. It's going to happen to you.
  1. Slowly becoming invisible. I'm not sure if this only happens to women but people don't look you in the eye as much when you become a granny instead of cutie. However, now that people can't see me I could be an excellent cat burglar.
  2. Not knowing what the hell is going on. Who exactly is Taylor Swift and why do I care? This is why talk shows are so popular amongst oldsters. A wrinkled person, cool person like Colbert lets us in on it.
  3. Festivals aren't for the Metamucil set but I still want to go. I want to watch the jugglers, see the art, dancedancedance, eat the burritos and wander with my friends and remember to save enough money for the bus home.
  4. The pay is better. I can order wine and dessert if I want to. I can tip my server well and remember that used to be me.
  5. Getting used to bifocals.
  6. Mortality.