for my 19th birthday today. in no particular order.
  1. 1.
    more writing
    i got mad jokes yo
  2. 2.
    being more vocal in class
    i want to work on actually raising my hand even if i'm not 100% positive because in all honesty i'm usually right
  3. 3.
    studying harder
    my grades aren't bad but they would be so much better if i put more time in and i wouldn't have to worry about developing a stomach ulcer if i had more As
  4. 4.
    finding some new friends
    love the ones i have but there's always room for more
  5. 5.
    more exercise
    the gym really isn't that bad i just can't get into a routine but i'm going to fix that at some point
  6. 6.
    more sex
    i'm still a very inexperienced bean and i'm over it. plus i like cute handsy boys
  7. 7.
    learn how to cook
    no meal plan next year so if i want to live i'm not really going to have a choice
  8. 8.
    learn how to knit
    i really need some more hobbies besides napping and getting into political debates
  9. 9.
    read more
    i never read for fun anymore i need to start making time
  10. 10.
    learn how to make one mixed drink really well
    a signature, if you will
  11. 11.
    more community service
    i want to spend some of my time more meaningfully
  12. 12.
    some sort of performing
    i used to dance and be in band and i really miss performing. i'm pretty good at it and i'd like to do it again.
  13. 13.
    be more politically active
    i'm all talk i need to be more involved in making changes and getting my man bernie elected
  14. 14.
    go to more concerts
    boy bands and another and another one and another one
  15. 15.
    more organization
    i'm a slut for color coding
  16. 16.
    expand my vocabulary
    it's weak and i sound like a 12 year old
  17. 17.
    get back into spanish
    i've forgotten so much since high school
  18. 18.
    learn more about the middle east
    i really just don't know enough
  19. 19.
    say yes more
    i'm not a spontaneous person but it wouldn't kill me to stop saying no so often