1. Ladybug
  2. Yellow crayon
    Adorbs toddler costume. My brother Chris wore it after me.
  3. Witch
  4. Pocahontas
    Cheap spaghetti strap Pocahontas costume dress from a store... With a frizzy hair and a completely mismatched floral turtleneck underneath... because VA was freezing and my mom has little artistic instinct.
  5. Vampire
    My neighbor also went as a vampire. Hers was x15 better than mine. Me: cape, orange shirt, homemade black, white, orange headband holding frizzy hair. Her: cape, white face paint, fake blood, teeth, scary slicked back hair.
  6. "Sparkle witch"
    Excuse to wear my favorite purple meshy shirt wth silver stars & moons on it. 5th grade?
  7. Raphael, Ninja Turtle
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    High school, way too old to be trick or treating but we did it anyway. Saddest excuse for a ninja title outfit= a pillow case for turtle shell.
  8. Beyoncé/Dreamgirl/Taylor Swift
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    College. Honestly not sure which I was. Basically just wanted an excuse to wear an amazing/ridiculous all sequin purple dress of my moms (that she wore to a wedding in the 90's and another random guest wore the SAME DRESS. Wut)
  9. Marge Simpson
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    College. At the urging of my Uncle Tom, who has begged me to do this costume every year because of my hair. Need to attempt again.
  10. Nicky Nichols, Orange is the New Black
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    Frizzy hair. Smeared eyeliner. Matching lady love costume with Hannah as Morello. Won first place in the bar costume contest along with Jose as Pornstache. #OINTB for the win!!
  11. Professor Trelawney, Harry Potter
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    Frizzy hair comes in handy again. Noticing a trend?