1. no matter how many times you change lanes trying to find the fastest one, you will still be stuck in traffic.
    you will also develop a whole new vocabulary while driving on the freeway
  2. don't expect people to hold the door for you.
  3. go to church.
    when you're in LA, you're surrounded by people who want the spotlight on them. don't forget who the spotlight should really be on.
  4. people are going to come and go.
    when you find genuine people, don't let them go
  5. do things you never thought you'd do.
    be an extra, go to a rave, go on hikes, drink weird things, drive around the city blasting your favorite band with your friends at 3am, whatever it may be - do it
  6. you are capable of so much more than you think.
  7. any time you get the opportunity to see the stars - take it.
  8. it's easy to get lost in this city.
    don't let it change you.
  9. always smile at strangers.
    the world could use a little more positivity.
  10. celebrities are people.
    I can promise you there is nothing special about seeing them out in public. don't pull your phone out to take pictures. don't stare. they're people too, let them live.
  11. it just takes a few friends to make this place feel like home.
  12. there will be plenty of nights where you don't believe your life is real.
  13. take in every second.