Not so much resolutions as hopes and things to get me through
  1. Stick to my guns
    About people, ideas, jobs, jokes, etc.
  2. Wear more Vans
    They are my fave type of shoe. Never do me wrong. Work with every aspect of my aesthetic.
  3. Write and then talk to other people who write
    It's the only thing I'm any good at. I should see where it can take me
  4. Get my shit together
    I mean for someone who doesn't have their shit together I sure look like I do, but I really need to get my shit together. Just a little bit.
  5. Try to take a trip where I fly on a plane
    Just like. Go somewhere. Somewhere that takes a little work to get to.
  6. Grow out my bangs?
    I don't know about this one, I'm kinda too scared. I don't know what I will look like without them!!!!!
  7. Do a better job of being the first one to reach out.
    People are so good about reaching out to me and I usually don't do it first because I'm afraid I'm going to bother them and I always figure that they'll do it if they want to talk! But that also makes things feel one-sided to others and I gotta do better.
  8. Like... get my groove back?
    I lost it!!!