Thanksgiving is coming up. My life is a mess but there are still things I can be thankful for
  1. Unemployment benefits
    They have really helped me live a pretty normal jobless life these past months. I haven't had to give up too much and I've been able to pay my rent and bills!
  2. My last job paid me out some extra money when they laid me off
    I have been able to feel a little more secure these past few months. Slight cushion. It's good.
  3. I'm still alive?
    I dunno man. I'm not ill as far as I can tell. I don't have health insurance so it's good that nothing has happened to me health-wise.
  4. I will get to see my pup this weekend
    He's an old curmudgeon at this point but he is still my sweet baby and I love him
  5. I get to see a good friend this weekend
    It's been almost a year since I've seen him and it's always nice to hang. I am not super stoked to have to discuss how crappy my life is but he will be okay with it
  6. My friends all still seem to like me
    It's surprising to me but hey! I'll take it
  7. My mom is super supportive
    She lets me complain to her all the time and she is very sympathetic and is more sane than me
  8. I'm not pregnant
    There's no chance I would be, but it still is good to remember
  9. I can drink beer whenever I want
    I don't do it much but just knowing I can is nice