Things my future life partner will love about me

Those weird, quirky things that he would list in a monologue about how much he loves me (potentially to win me back??)
  1. I love playing "escape the _________" games online but always need to use a walkthrough to finish them
    I play them for the story, which is weird because they don't really have stories a lot of the time. Also a lot of those games are kinda scary for some reason and I don't like being startled in those situations.
  2. If I could I'd exclusively wear sneakers
    I'm fussy about my feet being uncomfortable but maybe it just means that I'm in touch with my inner kid. They'd think it's cute, of course.
  3. I cry in movies all the time but do it really quietly
    They will notice sometimes but will think it's cute and won't make fun of me for it
  4. I always sit on everything criss-cross applesauce
    Even office chairs and benches
  5. I can recite a lot of the lines in You've got Mail
    And I always do whenever it's on. Sorry bout it
  6. I look adorbs in pajamas
    I mean most people do, though. That's just true. I don't make the rules