Things you think about when you're unemployed for a long time

  1. Okay here's another rejection, this time for a filing clerk position. Why am I not fit to do your filing?
  2. Another receptionist rejection. Why am I not fit to answer your phone?
  3. What is something fun I can do without spending any money?
  4. What did I used to think about doing in my spare time when I had a job?
    I can't remember a single thing now
  5. I have become too accustomed to being alone
  6. Getting dressed seems like a waste most days but like... just do it
  7. I gotta delete some of these games off of my phone
  8. I have formed a lot of opinions about daytime TV
    Like a lot about Beat Bobby Flay or Property Brothers
  9. I should get out of the house more
    Sometimes I realize I haven't gone outside for days at a time
  10. When will this hell be over?