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I mean, my birthdate should be convincing enough.
  1. The music at forever 21 is so damn loud.
    I shouldn't be shopping there anyway 👵🏼
  2. Those high school kids over there are so damn loud.
  3. Who is making so much noise outside at 7 pm? It's too damn loud.
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Sometimes I'm like, am I being punk'd? Then sometimes I'm like, I gotta have this. Most the time I'm like, I just wasted so much of my day on the kickstarter dot com.
I just love burpees.
  1. Finding a dead rat in your sandwich
  2. Running longer than 1 minute
  3. Arthritis
  4. E.D.
  1. Do NOT put cheese on the TV!
    They were, you know, smearing cheese on the tv.
  2. Nobody wants to see your penis!
    Also said to husband
  3. Stop peeing in our grass!
    Oh, you want to pee in the neighbor's grass? Ok, sure. But remember, nobody wants to see your penis.
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  1. When I'm asked to do something or be somewhere
  2. Sunday morning shout outs
  3. Because Felicia