In my humble opinion and in no particular order...
  1. American Life
    Though common and very well known, still a great podcast and essential to your podcast listen list.
  2. Radiolab
    Repeat the comment from above here ;)
  3. 99% Invisible
    Not entirely certain the subject of this podcast but the most interesting stories tend to be about architecture and structural engineering which who knew could be so facinating?
  4. Wayne Dyer's Podcast
    Yes, I know - spirituality and well being is not for all but the man is so wise and I encourage everyone to give it a try.
  5. Reply All
    Hilarious, interesting, sometimes silly but worth the :30 mins.
  6. Surprisingly Awesome
    What can I say, the name says it all. Who knew Cement could be "awesome"
  7. TED Radio Hour
    As with all things "TED", technology, education, design... Always interesting
  8. Snap Judgement
    Really love this one, groovy and interesting content
  9. Recode Media
    This is for digital ad dorks like me- don't waste your time unless you're in the biz. I apologize if you do but I told ya so.
  10. Science VS.
    The host's voice is painfully annoying but an easy way to learn
  11. Flash Forward
    Hosts voice is also annoying but Irresistibly entertaining and thought provoking
  12. Criminal
    If you love crime drama, you'll love Criminal