1. it's my friend Kim's birthday
  2. she's the hardest person to shop for
  3. she has 4 sisters and a mom who is basically her sister so like they'll all prob get her great gifts so I'll just look like an idiot with whatever I get her
  4. since she got married, her husband started a clothing line so it's not like I can buy her clothes
  5. he only lets her wear beige clothes like I'm not kidding that's all that is in his clothing line
  6. the husband is running for president in 2020 and he is for sure one of those self important political guys
  7. he's been through a lot though like one time he was in an accident and his jaw had to be wired shut but he prevailed by coming out with a great rap track WHILE it was wired shut like it was really commendable
  8. maybe I'll just get her something cute for her daughter north for "her" birthday