Ever think about your HS lunch table and who sat there? These are who I'd like to think would have been at mine (had we all been the same age! 😉). Of course, I'd have been the obligatory wallflower. Who are the Top 10 at yours?
  1. Meg Cabot @megcabot
    The one who would make everyone else at the table immediately feel comfortable with conversation about absolutely everything. She'd definitely be the Queen.
  2. John Krasinski @johnkrasinski
    Because he's the best friend everyone wanted in school. No, really.
  3. Sarah MacLean @sarahmaclean
    The one who found the silver lining in everything but would still call someone out - even if it was uncomfortable. Also would have all the deets on latest couples.
  4. Lin-Manuel Miranda @Lin_Manuel
    The one who had ideas just bubbling out of him all day long - and was constantly trying to get everyone else to sign up for the latest production. (Also, must have Groff along. Because Groff).
  5. Rainbow Rowell @rainbowrowell
    The super-cool one who would unapologetically say what she was thinking. Also the one who would tell jerks from other tables to bugger off.
  6. Matthew Broderick
    The one you constantly would have to tell to stop - just stop. Because you are doubled over in tears - again - and the lunchroom monitors are descending.
  7. John Green @johngreen
    You want this guy at your lunch table, but also on your Academic Decathlon team - because he's The Ringer.
  8. Bill Watterson
    The one with the insight to see that all is not lost as we're preparing to step across the threshold into adulthood.
  9. Julie Murphy @andimJULIE
    The one who makes sure you laugh out loud every day and sees to it that everyone knows they are perfect just as they are, dammit.
  10. James Corden @ JKCorden
    The one who would be devising choreographed musical numbers in his head about everyone he observed in the cafeteria.