not in any specific order...because who could honestly rank these gems
  1. corgis
    those little baby legs get me everytime
  2. the beach
    anywhere..anytime..any season... however preferably in my back the evening..and in summer
  3. iced coffee
    medium dark roast iced coffee with two pumps of mocha swirl and cream from dunkin donuts...america runs on it after all
  4. peonies
  5. ponies
    specifically a pony named peony
  6. podcasts
    you seem fun the diary of jen kirkman...throwing shade...serial
  7. men that look like michiel huisman or jason momoa
    aka anyone daeynerys is attracted to
  8. gilmore girls
    copper boom
  9. mermaids
    and anyone willing to chat with me about mermaids
  10. mother nature
    she's a real beaut