From childhood through this very day in adulthood, the nicknames have never stopped coming. Many have been repeated, but every once in awhile, a new one makes an appearance, causing an equal mixture of never being surprised but always being caught a little off guard! I mean, "Jill" only has four letters! But... its rhyme game is apparently STRONG!
  1. Basic Variations of Jill:
    Jillian, Jilly
  2. Not-So-Basic Variations of Jill:
    Jillby, Jillsy, Jillster, Lil Jill, Jilly Girl, Jill-Bug, Jill-Bird
  3. Names Similar to Jill:
    Jo, Joy, Julie, Jules
  4. Food Items:
    Jilly Bean, Jilly Donut, Jilly Roll, Jilla Wafer, Jill Pickle, Grape Jilly, Frito Jilly Pie
  5. TV/Film Characters:
    Jilly Wonka, Jillbo Baggins, Jilligan, Jilleel White (or Urkel), Beverly Jillbilly, Jill of the Future, Jilly Lou Who (personally prefer "loohoo" spelling, hence the name)
  6. Musical Artists:
    Jill.I.Am, Jilli Vanilla, VaJilla Ice
  7. Existing or Potential Song Lyrics:
    Jillist the Realist, J to the ill, Jillionaire, Killer Jiller, Jill the Thrill, Jiller Up, Jiller Night
  8. Nursery Rhyme Inspired:
    Jilly Hilly, Hilly Jilly, Jill up the Hill, Jill on the Hill, Jill from the Hill, Jill of a Hill, Jack's Jill (never dated a Jack)
  9. Double Rhymes:
    Jilly Willy, Jilly Nilly, Jilly Pilly, Silly Jilly, Chilly Jilly, Frilly Jilly
  10. Things Ending In "oo"
    Jillyboo, Jillypoo, Jillaroo
  11. Sea Creatures:
    Jilly Fish, Electric Jill (like eel)
  12. Flowers:
    Day Jilly, Jilly of the Valley, Easter Jilly, Orange Crush Jilly (our team colors)
  13. Medicinal or Narcotic (depending on who was doing the name-calling):
    Jill the Pill, Jill Pill
  14. Yep, my dirty-minded brother-in-law even came up with this one:
  15. Flash
    This has nothing to do with "Jill". I was speedy in track and got the nickname "Flash". Later I accidentally pulled my shorts down along with my warmups at a track meet. I realized upon hearing the announcer laugh over the loudspeaker and looking up to see people pointing and laughing. At me. The name "Flash" took on a double meaning at that point. It stuck around for quite awhile and still occasionally makes an appearance when I am amongst high school friends. Good times. Good times.
  16. Mom
    My favorite and most important nickname of all time!