Cool Restaurants in Hamburg

Many thanks to Chad 👍🏻
  1. Azeitona
    is a great place for cheap, good Middle Eastern food.
  2. Mr. Asia
    has got amazing sushi for a pretty good price.
  3. Dean and David
    If you like delicious salads, Dean and David is great. We like to go to the Dean
  4. Kumpir
    Do you know what ​k​umpir is? It’s a baked potato with all kinds of delicious things put on top of it, beans, peppers, salad, etc. It’s a Turkish speciality and you can get one for about 4.50 euros at "Kumpir,"
  5. Curry Papa
    Exklusiv vom Sternekoch für currypapa entwickelt. Ohne Konservierungsstoffe und Geschmacksverstärker.