"Nothing?" I think not.
  1. Gift giving
    Arya will attest
  2. Don't piss off a ginger warrior
    She will straight up riddle you with arrows
  3. Stare-downs
    I see you, Night's King
  4. Hair care
    Even in the dry, frigid, blustery northiest North, his mane is always luxurious.
  5. Where a hot tub leads
    Sex. It leads to sex.
  6. Compassion
    Jon befriends the weak and downtrodden and leads with his heart. Cue the swooning, ladies.
  7. When to run
    Hordes of reanimated corpses doing their best lemming impression? Yup. Time to go.
  8. Not to trust that little bastard, Ollie
    Sure it took a knife in the gut for this one and really should have seen it coming, but he definitely knows it now.